Use Load DynamiX when undertaking your storage-related projects. Save costs, accelerate product deployments, and mitigate risk.


The most common storage performance use cases and technologies for IT Organizations and Technology Vendors:

IT Organizations

StoPerformanceValidationrage Technology Evaluation

Determine which storage architecture, technology or protocol offers the highest performance or is the most cost-effective when running workloads that reflect your specific applications.

ConfigTREATEDStorage Configuration Optimization

Determine the optimal storage price / performance configuration by varying dozens of settings like block/file size, compression/dedupe, tiering, queue depths, and caching.

StorageTechSelectionStorage Product Selection 

Determine which vendor and storage system offers the highest performance or is the most cost-effective when running workloads that reflect your specific applications.

FlashStorageImageTREATEDFlash Storage Evaluation

Determine the comparative performance of all-flash and hybrid storage systems when running workloads that reflect your specific applications. Find the optimal mix of SSDs versus HDDs to balance performance and costs.

icon-pre-productionPre-production Validation

Confidently verify final storage configurations in a pre-production environment.

ChangeManagementTREATEDChange Management/Validation

Validate the effect on latency, throughput, and IOPS of application upgrades and firmware updates on storage infrastructure before cutting over to production. No more surprises.

Technology Vendors

PerformanceTREATEDPerformance Validation

Profile storage systems, characterize their performance under a wide variety of conditions, including limits testing; and offer guidance to partners and customers around sizing and configurations.

POC AccelerationPOCAccelTREATED

Shorten the sales cycle by de-risking the purchase for customers who are interested in performance. Complete POCs in a few weeks as opposed to many months to the benefit of you and your prospects.

Performance TroubleshootingTroubleShootingTREATED

Speed up problem identification and isolate performance bottlenecks by creating a verbatim replay of I/O traffic in your dev/test environment. Immediately understand what caused the problem.

RegressionTestingQA Testing

Storage vendors can ensure that updates and upgrades to your storage system do not introduce new performance degradations before each new release.

Solutions by Technology

blockBlock Storage

Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE, and OpenStack Cinder Performance Testing and Validation

fileFile Storage

SMB/CIFS, and NFS Performance Testing and Validation

Simple-Icon-2Object Storage

Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, SNIA CDMI, and HTTP/S Performance Testing and Validation

openstack-logo51OpenStack Storage

OpenStack Swift and Cinder Performance Testing and Validation