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The Load DynamiX services team possesses deep networked storage domain expertise and can help customers fully extract the value of their investment in Load DynamiX products.

Services & Support

Best in class services and support offerings

Load DynamiX provides outstanding customer support, professional services and education services.  Our professionals have the expertise to make networked storage testing and performance validation simple and cost effective. And thanks to their dedication, we have a 100% customer renewal rate every year!

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Education Offerings

The education component of Load DynamiX services helps customers perform test development, test execution, results analysis, troubleshooting, and test automation. Hands-on training means better test results faster, thanks to your comprehensive understanding of the Load DynamiX product suite.

QuickStart 3-Day Training

The QuickStart training is for new customers who want to accelerate the integration of Load DynamiX products into their testing process. Students will gain a basic understanding of the Load DynamiX appliance and the Test Development Environment (TDE) as well as begin working with workload models.

The 3-day onsite program includes classroom-style training on test development, test execution, results analysis, troubleshooting, and automation (including labs).

Training objectives include having the ability to:

  • Run tests in the Load DynamiX product,
  • Develop new tests, and
  • Convert any desired test suites into the Load DynamiX product.

The QuickStart training is designed for up to 10 participants.

“One of the biggest benefits of using Load DynamiX is the ability to automate, with error detection and flagging. For a single test case, we find at least a 10x improvement — 10–15 minutes compared to half a day or more.”

— John Bothe, Chief Architect, Exinda

Custom Training

Load DynamiX offers custom training classes from basic to advanced testing topics. Custom training sessions are offered in flexible time increments — ideal for customers who can’t dedicate a block of training days away from their busy schedules.

Professional Services

Load DynamiX offers professional services for organizations that need extra resources for test development or just need a deeper understanding of the Load DynamiX capabilities. For QA and development teams needing custom tests, Load DynamiX writes tests according to individual requirements. Professional services also include test conversion and test tuning for the customer’s specific environment.

Test Creation

Load DynamiX develops workload models and tests specifically for customers’ device(s) and workloads. We also automate tests and integrate them into your automation framework. We can create a full range of tests including:

  • Functional,
  • Load / Stress, and
  • Performance / benchmarking.

Test Conversion

Load DynamiX offers test conversions for customers who want to convert and run their existing suite of tests in the Load DynamiX environment. We analyze the existing test suite, develop equivalent tests, and integrate them into the automation framework.

Test Tuning

Test tuning services are available for customers running tests in the Load DynamiX environment, but not generating the needed load. Load DynamiX experts analyze the tests and implement improvements to more effectively stress the device(s) under test. Test tuning discovers the true product performance limits in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Testing & Validation Services

For companies who don’t own a Load DynamiX solution, yet want to evaluate networked storage systems from different vendors, we offer performance testing and validation services.

The offering is ideal for validating a storage purchase or understanding the capacities of an existing storage system; and especially useful for companies who don’t possess storage testing expertise. Load DynamiX develops the test plan, executes the tests, and delivers a report with detailed analysis and recommendations.

Load DynamiX Professional Services are custom quoted — we’ll create the right mix of services, tailored to our customers’ needs.