White Papers

White Papers

white paper icon 38w Storage performance validation details


Gain a better understanding of storage performance validation by reading the white papers below.

White Papers for IT Organizations

“Load DynamiX has improved our testing coverage, reduced our testing time, and eliminated the need to buy additional servers.”
— Terry Swartz, F5 Networks

FlashTestingMethodologyWP_April2015Flash Storage Testing Methodology White Paper

Two methodologies that provide accurate,
real-world results (registration required)


ge-whitepaperGE White Paper

Read how GE leveraged Load DynamiX to determine the best new storage technologies and other use cases  (registration required)


WP_Image_FreewareFreeware Tools v Load DynamiX White Paper

Reasons why freeware tools are inferior to Load DynamiX


WPImage_ROIROI White Paper

How to measure ROI when implementing a storage performance validation solution (registration required)

GoDaddyWPimageGo Daddy White Paper

Best practices from the world’s largest website hosting provider


HealthcareITHealthcare IT White Paper

How storage validation affects healthcare IT

 PrivateCloudWPPrivate Cloud Migration White Paper

Network Storage Infrastructure Testing (registration required)