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Datasheets & Brochures

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Corporate Literature

Information for IT Organizations

Information for Technology Vendors



Corporate Literature

Corporate Backgrounder

2-page brochure about Load DynamiX

Load DynamiX FAQ Infosheet

Learn more about Load DynamiX, its technology, and product suite

Load DynamiX Glossary

Load DynamiX products and storage industry terminology

Infographic Survey: New Frontiers in Storage Performance 2015

What’s Top of Mind for Storage Engineers — see survey report results

What’s New: v4.2 / 3.0 Product Release

Focuses on hardening of the products and improving existing features


Competitive Brief

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Load DynamiX over freeware testing tools

Validating the effects of dedupe and compression on storage performance Infosheet

How does compression and deduplication affect flash storage?

VDI Workload Modeling Datasheet

Load DynamiX solution for storage performance planning for VDI deployments

Load DynamiX Enterprise Workload Iterator

Simplified storage system characterization to find sweet spots and blind spots

Oracle Workload InfoSheet

How to test and validate Oracle database application performance in a pre-production environment

IOmeter and IOzone Alternatives

Want to more realistically test high-density workloads and metadata? Get Load DynamiX.

Information for IT Organizations


“One of the biggest benefits of using Load DynamiX is the efficiency. For a single test case, we realize a 10x improvement: 10–15 minutes compared to a half day or more.”

— John Bothe, Chief Architect


Brochure for IT Organizations

Read how Load DynamiX can help IT organizations optimize storage costs and mitigate risk.

Product Datasheet for IT Organizations

Why leave it to chance? Get insight. Assure performance.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Load DynamiX

Find out why storage architects and engineers find Load DynamiX so compelling

Info Sheet: Storage Consolidation Testing & Validation

Ensure a successful storage consolidation project with storage performance validation

Professional Services Brochure

Storage performance validation services for use cases, product implementation, and training

EMC Partnership Overview

Read how the Load DynamiX partnership enables EMC users to maximize storage performance, optimize storage acquisitions, and minimize down time.


Information for Technology Vendors

Appliance Product Datasheet

Datasheet outlining functional and performance testing of networked storage, storage-aware network devices, and storage services.

Load DynamiX Virtual Series Appliance

Datasheet on the latest virtual series (VM) appliance

Load DynamiX Enterprise Datasheet

Load DynamiX Enterprise datasheet on how technology vendors can share resources (appliances, ports, test content) and configure / run tests in an easy to use interface

Professional Services Brochure

Learn how we assist technology vendors to fully utilize the product’s capabilities with our training and test development services

Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Datasheet

Industry’s premiere validation system for SAN technologies

HTTP/S Protocol Datasheet

Object Storage, Web Service and Application Delivery Validation

IPv6 Datasheet

Assessing your IPv6 implementation:  What you need to know.

iSCSI Protocol Datasheet

Validate complex protocol behaviors in a repeatable fashion

NFS Protocol Datasheet

NFSv4.1 Protocol Package: Build the most scalable storage infrastructure possible

Object Storage Info Sheet

Validating object storage performance

OpenStack Storage Info Sheet

Validating OpenStack storage performance

SMB Protocol Datasheet

SMB 3.0 Protocol Package: Unleash the latest protocol power