Case Studies

Case Studies

case study icon 38wReal-world uses of Load DynamiX solving storage performance validation issues

Read how companies like yours are using Load DynamiX to save money, optimize performance, reduce risk, and accelerate time to market.

“We were tired of ‘testing’ our networked storage in production. Load DynamiX gives us the insight we need to control our costs and sleep at night knowing our storage will perform in production.”

— Justin Richardson,
Storage Architect,
Go Daddy

Case Studies for IT Organizations





This payroll processing company chose to deploy Load DynamiX to help them analyze which storage systems performed best in each of their critical environments.



This multinational corporation spent months and millions of dollars on a key big data business intelligence application.  Under production load, the application failed to meet user performance requirements.  Using Load DynamiX, GE was able to troubleshoot the storage infrastructure, identify bottlenecks, and improve performance.



Go Daddy uses Load DynamiX to determine an optimal balance of better, faster, and cheaper storage technologies to control costs and optimize service.  They are moving to lower cost storage and boosting performance by integrating flash/SSDs into their storage architecture.




Cloud Service Provider needed Load DynamiX to help them determine the best flash and hybrid storage products for their customers’ application workloads.



This F100 Insurance company was able to achieve their storage performance objectives by using Load DynamiX to accurately model their application workloads and determine the system’s breaking points before production deployment.


New York Presbyterian Hospital

Load DynamiX enables one of the nation’s largest hospitals to select the optimal flash storage array.

E-Commerce Case Study

Load DynamiX supports SLAs and de-risk changes in this company’s storage life cycle management.

Public Utility Case Study

Load DynamiX enables public utility company to select optimal storage array that performs better today while offering even greater performance in the future.

Broadband Communications Company Case Study

Load DynamiX Determines Best Performing Flash Products for Company’s VDI Workloads


Case Studies for Storage & Network Technology Vendors

Avere Systems

Load DynamiX enables Avere Systems to achieve significant cost savings when testing their high performance, tiered NAS appliances by automating more functions, enabling simultaneous tests, and isolating problems faster than ever.

“Aggregation of results is our enemy. With Load DynamiX we can trace, track, and compare anything — all the protocol-level details we want.”

— Steve Downer, Director of Test Engineering, Oracle


The global supplier of next generation WAN optimization products used to require a half day or more to run a single test case. With the Load DynamiX solution, the same test case now only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete — a 10x improvement in efficiency.

F5 Networks

The global leader in application delivery uses Load DynamiX to cut their BIG-IP WAN acceleration technology testing time in half. Finally, F5 can scale their test scenarios to realistically simulate customer environments.

Hitachi (formerly BlueArc)

Hitachi was seeking a way to effectively test their storage platforms for real-world scalability. Load DynamiX now handles high-performance load testing for the company while maintaining the connection level required by their highly-scalable platforms.

Riverbed Technology

Load DynamiX enables Riverbed to more effectively test CIFS scalability, extending well beyond the capabilities of in-house tools. Riverbed uses Load DynamiX to perform tests much more easily, faster, and with fewer hardware resources than before.




Load DynamiX provides all the traffic and test configuration flexibility that Oracle needs to put their application-aware storage systems to the ultimate test.

Storage Vendor — POC

The presales team at this storage vendor turned to Load DynamiX to help accelerate their global POCs (Proof of Concepts) for block and file-based storage systems. Load DynamiX products empowered the team to implement a more efficient POC process – with the ability to complete tests in a fraction of the time they had experienced with freeware tools.

Major Storage Vendor

With a storage product designed for massive scalability and high availability, in-house testing tools were no longer sufficient. Load DynamiX enables this major storage vendor to test multiple petabytes of storage and up to a billion files in a single file system.