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The industry’s premier storage performance validation solution

The Load Dynamix Solution


ComboProductSuiteRightThe Load DynamiX storage infrastructure performance validation platform helps storage engineers and architects introduce change with confidence. Load DynamiX empowers you to rapidly introduce new storage technologies and products that will maximize your storage performance while cutting your storage costs by 20-60%.

The platform is comprised of two components: (1) workload modeling and analytics software called Load DynamiX Enterprise and (2) a family of performance validation appliances. This platform is explicitly designed to simplify the lives of storage architects and storage engineers – to be the most critical component of your pre-production testing and staging environment.

“Using Load DynamiX has limited our downtime and gives us a huge cost benefit. We’re maximizing the use of the storage arrays and configuring them in the most efficient way.”

— Brian Walker, Principal Architect

Load DynamiX Enterprise software provides architects and engineers:

1. An easy way to model production workloads with high accuracy
2. Vastly simplified test development and execution
3. Powerful test results analysis

The purpose-built Load DynamiX performance validation appliances are used to generate extreme workloads to 1G, 10G or Fibre Channel storage targets to identify performance limits and help you identify the breaking points for your specific workloads. Load DynamiX supports all major File, Block and Object storage protocols such as NFS, SMB/CIFS, iSCSI, FC, FCoE, SNIA CDMI, Amazon S3, and OpenStack Swift and Cinder.

“We were tired of ‘testing’ our networked storage in production. Load DynamiX gives us the insight we need to control our costs and sleep at night knowing our storage will perform in production.”

— Justin Richardson,
Storage Architect,
Go Daddy

Key Benefits of Deploying Load DynamiX for IT Organizations

The storage infrastructure life-cycle includes planning, design, procurement, deployment, troubleshooting, optimization, and change management.  The results of relying on the insight provided by Load DynamiX as an essential, on-going part of optimizing your storage infrastructure life-cycle and change validation process include:

  • Cutting storage costs by up to 60% as Load DynamiX will provide the true performance requirements data to utilize lower cost storage solutions.
  • Accelerating deployment of new applications or services by finding and preventing future problems in test and dev sites as opposed to during live production.
  • Performance assurance that the infrastructure meets user needs by fully testing applications in their worst case conditions before production deployment.
  • Reducing the risk of downtime due to performance slowdowns and accelerating the troubleshooting process.  Load DynamiX will help ensure that end-users are fully satisfied in terms of uptime and response time.
  • Higher storage engineer productivity due to the simplicity of the test set-up, administration and reporting of Load DynamiX relative to freeware-based approaches.  Storage engineers can run 10X more tests per month, accelerating the ability to adopt new technology and roll out new business applications.

Figure: Storage Life Cycle