In the News

In the News

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Storage Validation for Virtualized EnvironmentsVirtual-Strategy-Magazine-logo

Determine performance breaking points in virtualized environments by using Load DynamiX
November 11, 2014

Make Smart Flash Storage Investment DecisionsNetworkWorld-logo

Workload modeling is the key to making smart flash storage decisions in SAN and NAS environments
July 25, 2014

Load DynamiX Winner of Storage Industry Awardsstoragenewsletter_logo_1_RVB

Several storage industry awards given to Load DynamiX for performance validation
June 26, 2014

Flash v Hybrid Storage: Secret is the Storage Workload ModelDataCenterKnowledgeThumb

When deciding between flash and hybrid storage arrays, the answer can be found in the storage workload model
June 9, 2014

Measuring Flash Storage Performancecnbc-logo

CNBC press coverage on webinar: how best to measure flash storage performance
June 2, 2014

Storage Performance Validation Coveragevar_guy_Small

Press coverage for storage performance validation leader winning the EMC Partner of the Year
May 22, 2014

Load DynamiX Adopted by Tolly Group to Benchmark Storage PerformanceVirtual-Strategy-Magazine-logo

Virtual Strategy Magazine coverage of Load DynamiX being used by Tolly Group for benchmarking storage performance
April 30, 2014

Load DynamiX Broadens its Testing Capabilitiestechtarget-inc-logo

How storage technology vendors and Fortune 1000 companies use Load DynamiX’s storage testing technology
April 14, 2014

Selecting the Right Type & Amount of Flash Storagetoms_it_pro_Square

Expert advice on how to implement Flash storage in your data center
February 24, 2014

Load DynamiX Wins Storage Product of the YearGoldWinner

Gold medal winner awarded to Load DynamiX as Storage Magazine Products of the Year
February 14, 2014