Storage Technology Vendors

“Load DynamiX is my sword: I aim it at our products and it’s the simplest and most cost effective way to find bugs in our products! It’s almost scary!”

— QA Manager,
Storage Equipment Manufacturer

The Challenge

Homegrown and freeware tools can’t do it all

Storage technology vendors are introducing new devices and software innovations at a furious pace to address an explosion of customer demand for cloud, mobile and social applications. Storage performance, capacity, as well as processing power, are all being routinely pushed to new heights.


To test and qualify modern storage software, networks and systems, technology vendors need the ability to simulate the extreme loads and complex interactions these systems are designed for. To accelerate time to market with new products and features, such as flash storage that works seamlessly with compression and deduplication, vendors need to accelerate their testing cycles, increase testing efficiency and accelerate proof of concepts (POCs) to win new business. Yet, many struggle with the poor performance and limited capabilities of homegrown or freeware test tools and with the cost of developing and maintaining those tools.

A new integrated, comprehensive testing strategy is required.  This is why so many technology vendors have turned to Load DynamiX to help with their file, block and object storage performance testing. We help you simplify the testing process and accelerate the release of new products and features.