Load DynamiX’s mission is to empower IT organizations and technology vendors with the insight needed to maximize storage system performance.

Company Overview

Storage Infrastructure Performance Validation

Load DynamiX is the leading provider of performance validation solutions for networked storage infrastructure. We enable storage architects and storage engineers to optimize the performance and availability of their storage infrastructure, and at the same time, significantly reduce their overall spending on performance storage by up to 50%. With our workload modeling, workload analytics and performance validation solutions, we can help your company reduce risk and save millions of dollars by aligning storage deployment decisions to application workload performance requirements.

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Corporate Overview (PDF)

Company Background

Load DynamiX, originally called SwiftTest, was founded to meet the needs of storage technology vendors who were looking for a better way to understand how different applications and workloads affect the performance of their products. These vendors have used the resulting insight to dramatically improve the scalability and reliability of their storage systems.  Today, Load DynamiX is used by every major storage vendor and most storage start-ups.

“Using Load DynamiX has limited our downtime and gives us a huge cost benefit. We’re maximizing the use of the storage arrays and configuring them in the most efficient way.”

— Brian Walker, Principal Architect

Over time, the storage vendors started bringing Load DynamiX into their enterprise accounts to prove the performance capabilities and value of their products.  Due to the increasingly complex nature of the modern data center and the move to Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), IT organizations needed a solution that helps them optimize the performance, availability and cost-effectiveness of storage infrastructure.  Load DynamiX has extended its products and services to meet the needs of storage architects and storage engineers, who use our solutions to validate the technology vendors’ assertions, ensure infrastructure performance, mitigate risk, and control constantly increasing storage costs.  As a result, Load DynamiX has been growing very rapidly over the last 3 years.

We are a privately-held company, based in San Jose, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley. Investors include leading venture capital firms Azure Capital Partners, Benhamou Global Ventures, HighBar Partners, and Kinetic Ventures.  The company was founded in late 2008 and shipped its first products in 2009.