SwiftTest Announces Company Name Change to Load DynamiX

SwiftTest Announces Company Name Change to Load DynamiX

Name change reflects broader focus and product commitment to workload analytics, modeling and extreme load generation appliances

ST031_LoadDynamix_NewNameTextWe are excited to announce today (read the press releases here and here) a new corporate name for SwiftTest.  We will now be called Load DynamiX.

Much More Than a Testing Company

Why are we changing our name?  When the company was started, it was focused on networked storage system testing – helping storage and network vendors bring more reliable and scalable networked storage products to market.  We have become a clear leader in this space as every leading storage company on the planet has deployed SwiftTest load generation appliances to validate their products. The reality is that we are much more than a testing company.  We have evolved into a workload analytics, workload modeling, and infrastructure performance validation company.

What changed is that, over the last year or so, these same vendors have increasingly brought us in to their Global 1000 enterprise IT accounts to help them validate the performance of their products in real world environments.  They have introduced us to many of their biggest customers due to our unique ability to capture and accurately model production application workloads and then generate very large loads against target storage systems via our purpose-built appliances.

Product Evolution

What enterprise customers most value is our ability to provide deep workload insight into their constantly changing workloads, especially in a highly virtualized world where downtime is simply not an option and storage expenditures are dominating the typical IT hardware budget.

We like the name Load DynamiX as it sends the message that workloads are constantly changing and it relates to the “search for insight into the effects of workloads on IT infrastructure”.  Understanding the behavior of the infrastructure under the dynamic stress of specific workloads is essential to the job of the storage architect and storage engineer.  Load DynamiX will uniquely help them with this key goal as we expand our company’s focus from supporting the needs of vendors to supporting the needs of enterprise IT organizations.

What we also like about the name is that the term “dynamix” implies science or engineering.  The implication is that managing the IT infrastructure is increasingly a matter of science, the realm of smart IT professionals, enabled with modern tools and methods that allow them to see, investigate, understand, and ultimately, be in control of cost, performance and availability.

It will take us a bit of time to fully transition all of our products and materials to the new name, so the SwiftTest name will still linger in some areas.  Over time, we believe that you will like this new name as much as we do.  Welcome to Load DynamiX!

Len Rosenthal
Marketing VP

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